Acrylic is used in terminal display props

Acrylic is used in terminal display props

Acrylic products have excellent performance, in the mall we can see all kinds of beautiful cosmetics counters, mobile phone display cases, jewelry display cases, and a variety of snack goods shelves and so on, you will find that are acrylic figure!

In the shopping malls or brand stores, we can see that acrylic products play a great role, especially in the cosmetics counter, acrylic terminal display props are indispensable.

What are the advantages of acrylic displays?First of all, we should know the characteristics of acrylic display stand.

1.Good display effect

The quality acrylic display rack is crystal clear and like a handicraft, custom design makes the display rack and the product more harmonious and unified, comprehensive visual effect helps to enhance the grade of products.

2.Easy processing

Acrylic can not only be used for lathe cutting, laser engraving, but also blow molding, extrusion and other processes, the production of small to denture tray and other various products.

3.Various styles

Acrylic display shelf style is very various, such as floor, desktop, hanging, rotary, etc.

4.Solid and durable

Acrylic display rack is simple to maintenance, long service life, not easy to fade, not easy to deformation.

How choose the acrylic thickness?

Generally speaking, 2mm or less can be used for decoration, and at least 3mm or more if it is load-bearing and depends on the structure of the display rack.  The weight bearing capacity of 3mm to 5mm thick acrylic display rack is enough to bear the weight of general cosmetics.

In addition, acrylic display stand can be customized according to the characteristics of the product, customers only need to provide the size, thickness and other details to map to sample.


Acrylic display rack use

Acrylic display rack is very widely used, can be used for cosmetics display, digital products display, toy display, wine display, etc., There are small display rack, and large display cabinet.  Its main purpose is to display goods, play the role of promotion;  As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, a good acrylic display can enhance the brand image of goods, so that the product is no longer monotonous.

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